abstract art LLGriffin

Children are beginners at life. I view them as little balls of light and energy, and wonder.

As we get older and life wears us down, things change in our approach to life. We all walk around covering up our childlike wonder with metaphorical clothing so heavy the only way to get through it, is if it gets torn or rips. We have all gotten so good at covering up the light of our childlike wonder with all the pain that comes from life.

Maybe we should try and let the light shine. When the light gets uncovered, instead of trying to hide the light, let it remain uncovered. (see last post)

uncovering the light

mixed media, uncovering by LLGriffin
uncovering by LLGriffin
mixed media by LLGriffin
uncovering by LLGriffin

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