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Ritual is about preparing. 

I seemed to have agreed to take the path that spirals downward in to the depth of pain and confusion following my mother’s death.  To walk this path

I try to prepare to be with my heartbreak; to prepare to grieve. 

taking a long breath 6 by LLGriffin
taking a long breath 6 by LLGriffin

Where do I start?

Flowers.  I’ll start with flowers. They seem to be around during many transitions in life. 

I prepare for a ceremony with a crown wreath. 

Then I begin to pray, and the journey begins with the long breath that will help me go under the surface and into the murkiness.

I take a long breath.  On the exhale, I end up entering the belly of the whale. 

In the middle of the belly, I take the next inhale, and willingly but reluctantly step into the messiness of my pain and truth.

Taking a Long Breath #7 from the art series Inside the Belly of the Whale
taking a long breath 7 by LL Griffin

This journal is a journey

Let it help you on your path.

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