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Holding opposing feelings and ideas at the same time

Life can be beautiful. Life can be ugly. Both are true, but I’m not sure all people know how to live with these facets of life, or even how to live with two or more conflicting beliefs, ideas or emotions at the same time.

As I hold my brush, my intention is always to come to balance. As my brush moves, I allow it to create a rhythm and flow, almost like the rhythm of breathing during meditation. At first it’s distracted, irregular; even chaotic. The goal is to allow it to become even and intentional, yet effortless.

breath 9 by LLGriffin
breath 9 by LLGriffin

Using art in the broad sense of the word is a way for emotions not to get stuck in our bodies. Check out how others expressed on my Ideas +

breathing8 by LLGriffin
breath 8 LLGriffin
breathing 7 by LLGriffin
breath 7 by LLGriffin

My question to all is how do we live in the fine balance between complete devastation to joy? How do we handle simultaneously the difficult and joyous?

My answer is to use the tools of art and movement to — as I call it — practice pausing.

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