abstract art LLGriffin

decoding our personal language

For me, asemic writing is a bit like decoding our personal language, I see it like dream interpretation, we have our own way of understanding the symbols.

The definition of asemic writing – is left to the reader to interpretalmost like the way in which one would deduce meaning from abstract art.

I sometimes use asemic writing in my art work. Many times it brings clarity to what the topic that I’m focused. For example the image below, the focus was on guidance and the asemic writing in black as the feel of a path or bridge – maybe you see something different.

abstract art by LL Griffin

Satu Kaikkonen, an artist/writer from Finland had this to say about asemic writing “As a creator of asemics, I consider myself an explorer and a global storyteller. Asemic art, after all, represents a kind of language that’s universal and lodged deep within our unconscious minds. Regardless of language identity, each human’s initial attempts to create written language look very similar and, often, quite asemic

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