abstract art LLGriffin

dissolving boundaries

art work by LL Griffin 2021
smarginatura by LLGriffin

Blurring the lines or edges, dissolving boundaries, brings to mind a lot of things from the literal to the unseen. From the fences we put up, to the masks we wear.

Playing with how paint and ink flow on a sheet of paper with water. I don’t know exactly what I’ll get but I do know that it won’t be a straight line. The paint may have a edge and then the ink will flow out on to the paper. The important part is to know when to use this technic to dissolve the boundary of the line.

Boundaries are important but sometime for myself I need put away the mask and practice dissolving boundaries within.

you have to step over the boundaries sometimes just to find out where they are — Damien Hirst

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