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Practice Pausing is learning how to use art, movement and being still. Learning to be with those difficult moments in life, while finding the support you need. #artheals #practicepausing

Practice Pausing:

How to Have the Courage to Sit with Your Truth

Modern life rarely acknowledges – and frequently pathologizes – grief.

But if we honor grief, and grieve attentively, grieving becomes a positive experience of transformation and rebirth. Grieving brings the soul to stillness, readying it for profound spiritual change.

Unresolved grief doesn’t require a death, although grieving most often begins that way. “Deaths” occur in other ways: the end of a life’s dream or of a marriage, or from rejection and betrayal. “Small griefs” can be frustration or loss of control, disappointment, or dashed expectation.

Unresolved grief can turn into acting out, substance abuse, overwork, or over-achievement. If grief’s pain becomes too much to sit with, it well may become self-harm.

During this presentation you and your group will discover:
  • The 5 powerful tools to overcome grief and other painful emotions that everyone has access to right now
  • How to “sit” with difficult emotions so the pain can flow away
  • Why negative emotions like grief can lead to physical symptoms in the body and how to manage and relieve those symptoms
  • How to practice pausing – starting immediately – including an interactive experience your audience will remember
  • Determining the kind of support you need and how to find it

Lis Griffin – Speaker  Author  Artist  Yogi

Lis Griffin, Certified Structural Yoga™ instructor, owns Catspaw Studio, housed in a cozy renovated 1900s barn, where she has taught yoga since 2009. Lis is also an author, artist, and photographer whose work has appeared in the The New York Times, MS Magazine, Woman’s Day,Der Spiegel, Men’s Journal, Denver Business Journal, other newspapers and trade publications, and on book jackets and CD covers, and in Communication Arts’ Photography Annual.

Contact:303-431-9870 |  griffin@keeperofthetreasure.com     https://KeeperOfTheTreasure.com

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