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I choose a passage from Rainer Maria Rilke.

I’m sure he’s right, but it’s hard to learn to live in the flow of what life brings to us. I keep trying to be present, go with flow, like a river.

The flow of heartbreak and beauty, it takes practice, willingness and experience to allow them to happen at the same time.

abstract art by LL Griffin

One must never despair upon losing something, whether it is an individual or an experience of joy or happiness; everything returns even more magnificently. What has to decline, declines; what belongs to us, stays with us, for everything works according to laws that are greater than our capacity for understanding and that only seem to contradict us. You have to live within yourself and think of all of life, all of its millions of possibilities, openings, and futures in relation to which there exists nothing that is past or has been lost.
― Rainer Maria Rilke, The Poet’s Guide to Life: The Wisdom of Rilke

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