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Griffins are traditionally keepers of the treasure

Once upon a time there lived a griffin. Like the long line of her ancestors, she was of the earth and sky – part eagle and lion, and she too was a guardian of treasures.

This particular griffin had traditional eagle talons, but under one of the talons, there was a lion’s paw. And so this griffin was called Catspaw. She was flexible, strong and agile because of the many movements she and all creatures do naturally. We humans call these movements Yoga. As the years passed, she noticed it was becoming harder to move in her usual, natural way, and also to keep her body aligned and comfortable while her mind focused on other things. And thus Catspaw began seeking the guidance of masters of mindfulness throughout the land. Yet even while practicing their lessons, she felt she needed some kind of structural support. “A pillow,” she thought. “A cushion would be an ideal enhancement for practicing my lessons.”

mixed media by LLGriffin
mix media griffin

And so she began to search the land for a craftsman able to create a beautiful, supportive pillow for her exercises. Soon she found a skilled seamstress with the most amazing fabrics from far and wide. Together, Catspaw and the seamstress worked together to create a cushion using natural seed shells that fit Catspaw’s body perfectly, and yet was also a joy to look at. With her new cushion, Catspaw was able to continue and even broaden her palette of movements in ways she hadn’t thought possible. So inspired, she dedicated herself to teaching others the movements and non-movements of mindfulness.

Soon Catspaw decided to share her idea for an inspirational cushion with all others who were following her spiritual path.

thus was born Catspaw Studio and the story of the griffin continues to evolve

Lis Griffin, artist/writer and yoga instructor at Catspaw Studio uses these disciplines to encourage others toward self expression.

This journal is a journey

Let it help you on your path.

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