abstract art LLGriffin

When I come to the plain white piece of paper, I start out similar to how I begin a meditation. First I follow my breath. Then I may choose a color depending on what’s on mind or in my heart at that moment.

When I hold my brush I try to make the brush an extension of my inhale and exhale as I paint. My hope is to always come to balance and calm, even if I am maintaining the tension of opposing feelings.

Today my thought was, “What does the color of calm and balance look like?” Maybe “balance” looks like the color of an inhale and exhale. For me the color of balance and calm is a shade of blue.

We’ve all heard the phrase, come to your breath. I think it means focusing on your breath to achieve balance and calm.

Today balance and calm look like this:

mix media by LLGriffin
inhale by LL Griffin

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