abstract art LLGriffin

finding flow

how do we find flow? start with the flow of your breath. how do we find rhythm? start with the rhythm of your breath. listen to the rhythm and keep listening. watch the rhythm of the moon, the rain and the sun.

finding flow, finding my flow

rhythm 2 by LLGriffin
rhythm 2 by LLGriffin

learning to find the flow among the chaos

approaching art making as an extension of my breath, finding the natural flow and rhythm even when life is messy

feather5 by LLGriffin
feathers5 by LLGriffin

learning to find the flow among the chaos

my ancestors

in the search to find the story and the land of my grandparents, I have learned of the pain that has been carried and passed down for generations.

ancestors 1 by LLGriffin
my ancestors 1 by LLGriffin
ancestor 2 by LLGriffin
my ancestors 2 by LLGriffin
ancestor 3 by LLGriffin
my ancestors 3 by LLGriffin

don’t hold your breath

learning to flow, using my art journal 

I have returned to my art roots and have decided to share my work  (refer to Show Your Work by Austin Kleon).

years ago my mother’s death inspired haunting night dreams that I wrote down, that I needed to express through art.  This art became Inside the Belly of the Whale, which has taken several forms,  from a gallery installation exhibition, to a DVD, to its current form, a journal.

I’m choosing to share the work from my art journal weekly.  My hope is to create a space for self-expression in all of its many forms because I believe art heals.

this site’s link labeled Ideas +  shows how others have used music, books, articles etc. as inspiration for self-expression.by LLGriffin

                                                                                                                                           breath 1 by LLGriffin



exhale by LLGriffin

the way to do is to be – lao tzu

This journal is a journey

Let it help you on your path.

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