Holding opposing feelings and ideas at the same time

Life can be beautiful. Life can be ugly. Both are true, but I’m not sure all people know how to live with these facets of life, or even how to live with two or more conflicting beliefs, ideas or emotions at the same time.

As I hold my brush, my intention is always to come to balance. As my brush moves, I allow it to create a rhythm and flow, almost like the rhythm of breathing during meditation. At first it’s distracted, irregular; even chaotic. The goal is to allow it to become even and intentional, yet effortless.

breath 9 by LLGriffin
breath 9 by LLGriffin

Using art in the broad sense of the word is a way for emotions not to get stuck in our bodies. Check out how others expressed on my Ideas +

breathing8 by LLGriffin
breath 8 LLGriffin
breathing 7 by LLGriffin
breath 7 by LLGriffin

My question to all is how do we live in the fine balance between complete devastation to joy? How do we handle simultaneously the difficult and joyous?

My answer is to use the tools of art and movement to — as I call it — practice pausing.

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Does choosing a color make a difference in what I paint?

When I come to the plain white piece of paper, I start out similar to how I begin a meditation. First I follow my breath. Then I may choose a color depending on what’s on mind or in my heart at that moment.

When I hold my brush I try to make the brush an extension of my inhale and exhale as I paint. My hope is to always come to balance and calm, even if I am maintaining the tension of opposing feelings.

Today my thought was, “What does the color of calm and balance look like?” Maybe “balance” looks like the color of an inhale and exhale. For me the color of balance and calm is a shade of blue.

We’ve all heard the phrase, come to your breath. I think it means focusing on your breath to achieve balance and calm.

Today balance and calm look like this:

mix media by LLGriffin
inhale by LL Griffin

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uncovering the light

Children are beginners at life. I view them as little balls of light and energy, and wonder.

As we get older and life wears us down, things change in our approach to life. We all walk around covering up our childlike wonder with metaphorical clothing so heavy the only way to get through it, is if it gets torn or rips. We have all gotten so good at covering up the light of our childlike wonder with all the pain that comes from life.

Maybe we should try and let the light shine. When the light gets uncovered, instead of trying to hide the light, let it remain uncovered. (see last post)

uncovering the light

mixed media, uncovering by LLGriffin
uncovering by LLGriffin
mixed media by LLGriffin
uncovering by LLGriffin

light a candle and let shine

We are told as children to “let our light shine.” But the problem has been that over time our light dims with the slog and schmutz of life. And it seems to be more difficult to figure out where and when it’s OK to be ourselves.

How do we practice letting our lights shine?

What and how do we practice letting our lights shine?

light by llgriffin
light by llgriffin

It takes practice.

https://youtu.be/R0qAYq1GVec Bruce Springsteen with the Sessions Band- This Little Light of Mine (Live In Dublin)

get comfortable being the odd one out, the seed planter, the truth teller it will help you come back to your center.

light series by llgriffin
light in process by llgriffin

a couple of tips to practice – literally light a candle.

if you order something, and it’s not what you wanted, practice saying something.  if you disagree with a friend, child or spouse, practice sharing your thoughts. the last one isn’t easy but if you can practice sharing and shining it doesn’t seem so daunting.

Light that candle!

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the gospel song this little light of mine from the 1920’s later became song for the civil rights movement in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

This little light of mine
I’m going to let it shine
This little light of mine
I’m going to let it shine
This little light of mine
I’m going to let it shine
Let it shine, let it shine

is it beautiful, or heartbreaking?

the simple answer is, yes. it’s both; beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.

many times I look at something and it looks beautiful only because the light is shining on the object at just the right angle. I look a little closer and then it’s not what I thought. the images below holds beauty and at the same time it’s clearly wilting, browning, losing petals and decomposing.

learn to hold the beauty and the heartbreak at the same time – to hold life in balance and viewing it as it is.

rose by LLGriffin
rose by LLGriffin
roses by LL Griffin
roses by LLGriffin

#artheals #practicepausing

This journal is a journey

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