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following your own map

It’s easy to use a map to get to a particular destination, you go from point A to point B. Often times it’s necessary to follow the map. What if you have a willingness to let lost and try something different or it’s just not the right fit?

I’m not suggesting to reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to, but adding your own take on the map can be wonderful.

There can be magic in the willingness to get lost, and creating, and following your own map.

But we all need to be reminded that we may stubble, trip, fall trying to put our own spin on the map but getting up and trying as well as acknowledging when something doesn’t work and walking a way from it can be useful. I believe it’s called wisdom.

art work by LL Griffin
my map by LLGriffin

There is no end or beginning you must make your own map

Joy Harjo United States Poet Laureate, the first Native American to hold that honor. 

does balance look like this?

Life is balance between holding on and letting go – Rumi

abstract art by LLGriffin

Finding balance in life can be messy. Getting to balance is uncertain and may take time. There can be a lot of push and pull. Sometimes there’s a rhythm and sometimes it’s erratic.

finding guidance with silence

the quieter you become the more you are able to hear – Rumi

There’s so much sound and visual noise it may seem like a foreign idea to turn it off our computers, phones etc or as some put it unplug. To walk into a quiet room really would be unusual. It’s more than unplugging for me. It’s having silence so I can let my mind wander. Finding guidance with silence.
brush art by LLGriffin
silence by LL Griffin

there is a voice that doesn’t use words, listen – Rumi

your map only needs to be clear to you

Though we have instructions and a map buried in our hearts when we enter this world Joy Harjo 

mixed media by LL Griffin 2021

When the map or path is clear – it only needs to be clear to you.

the revealing light of summer

The bright light of summer reveals, what’s alive and what’s dead.

In the summer we can look at a tree and clearly see if it is alive or dead and maybe it’s only some branches that are dead. It ‘s those dead branches that are a distraction and still take energy away from the part of the plant that is still alive. The bright light of summer reveals and last longer than any other time of the year. I believe that during the summer more than any other time of the year we’re can clearly see and are made aware of the dead wood.

The question is – are we able to or can we do anything about those dead branches on the tree or in our lives?

art by LLGriffin
brush art by LLGriffin
image by LL Griffin

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