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my way, mixed medium by LLGriffinI’m LLGriffin,  the Keeper of Catspaw Studio – encouraging you to practice pausing – Be Brave

Brought Back1 by LLGriffin

Art by LL Griffin

Inside the Belly of the Whale is a visual narrative of the spiritual transformation of the author and artist/photographer, L.L. Griffin, triggered by the death of her mother and the downward spiral Griffin’s life took afterward. The Biblical story of Jonah and the whale both gave Griffin the title and inspired her story.

Inside the Belly of the Whale

rhythm 2 by LLGriffin

my art journal – looking for heart | blog

Founded from the need to grieve a personal loss, I have incorporate art, yoga, and meditation as healing practices.  Weekly I will share from my art journal – looking for heart.   I’m an artist that uses photography, brushwork, and mixed media. Many of use have lost our way.

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